Sketching Uncertainty

A small moment that takes place at the end my previous story "Mother and Child" Isabelle studied her sketch of her newly found mother. It’d felt almost unearthly to finally draw the woman who’d been a mystery for so long. The eyebrows still weren’t quite right, though. There was also too much white space beside her,... Continue Reading →

Ceylan’s Question

Ceylan had assumed Cheveyo was one of her 4,196 half siblings when she first saw him enter the Minor Court behind Samira. No one else usually got nearly so close to the Queen. If anyone had told Ceylan he was an unrelated, full-blooded human, she would have rebuked them for impertinence. Samira had built the... Continue Reading →

(Former) Novel Excerpt: Family

Edit: When I wrote this piece, the novel was still in the planning stages; there were a few different stories I was considering telling. This excerpt reflects the direction I thought the novel would go at the time. However, I would later change my mind about three more times before I made my final choice... Continue Reading →

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