Waking Up

Part thirty-five of Misplaced Fire Jason and Isabelle were blinded by the light as they came back to consciousness. They were both pale and visibly breathless. Nesrin hugged them so tightly they collapsed and were only held up by her arms. She’d acted on impulse under the excitement of seeing them again. Their moans and... Continue Reading →

Samira Steps In

Part thirty-four of Misplaced Fire Samira held a calculating glare on Nesrin, Ceylan, and Dinah long enough to get them to squirm, then she softened her expression and let them see she her displeasure was pretended. “Have the three of you noticed that combined you make me? Dinah, the creator of realms and protector of... Continue Reading →

Greetings from the Styx

Part thirty-three of Misplaced Fire Nesrin stood unaided by Ceylan or Dinah, watching with a snarling smirk as Patanī writhed against the ties on his wrists. Though she wasn’t singing, Nesrin’s voice vibrated with the music of a dirge as she spoke to her uncle. “The Nymphs of the River Styx have not had the... Continue Reading →

Nesrin’s Nadir

Part thirty-two of Misplaced Fire Nesrin felt herself ripping in two. She screamed, but couldn't hear it over the sound of hurricane-force winds. She saw the fire rise in her veins, then burst out of the skin. When it was over she collapsed on the floor. Half of her was gone. It was the half... Continue Reading →

Backstage View

Part thirty-one of Misplaced Fire Nesrin looked out from the shadow of the door while Ceylan and Dinah cleared the way for her to get a run a Patanī. She put herself under a perception block, just incase she was spotted, despite her certainty that she wouldn't be. She watched her sisters with a performer's... Continue Reading →

Start the Performance

Part thirty of Misplaced Fire Nesrin and Ceylan were camped in Nesrin’s storehouse in front three gargantuan trees. The trees were the shape of an oak, but they were so covered in kudzu from root to highest branch that their appearance more closely resembled overgrown bushes. Twenty four hours ago Nesrin had pressed her stolen... Continue Reading →

Plant Life

Part twenty-nine of Misplaced Fire Samira had arranged to meet Patani at Dinah's castle. They stood in the same checkered garden where Patani had overwhelmed Isabelle and Jason. Samira had chosen the place so she could look at Dinah's shrubs, the ones shaped like centaurs, fauns, and monopeds. Their pots weren't immediately visible. The plants... Continue Reading →

Unsafe Keeping

Part twenty-eight of Misplaced Fire Ceylan and Nesrin argued as they walked. Something about standing on the mountain of rubies that harbored Samira’s vault bred tension. Nonetheless they continued their advancement along the footpath, coming closer and closer to the first trap. Two pirates Nesrin had long held as zombified prisoners walked in front of... Continue Reading →

Nesrin Remembers

Part twenty-six of Misplaced Fire Nesrin felt as if she were made of ice instead of fire when she looked at the lamp Ceylan had put in front of her. So vivid was the memory of her confinement that in an instant she was transported back to that moment in her mind. Everyone else only... Continue Reading →

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