Part twenty-four of Misplaced Fire Patanī tested his arms and legs. He was able to move with all the control and fluidity he’d had before his supposed demise. The words he spoke in Jinni translated to, “I am indebted to you, my deer nieces, for taking such a long time over your task. Had you... Continue Reading →

Consuming Fire

Part twenty-three of Misplaced Fire  Isabelle looked up at the dragon her brother was currently shaped as, trying and failing to see his eyes. “What do you mean I didn’t?” “You didn’t do that to Nesrin. I did. Or rather, the half of me you have did.” Isabelle cocked her head as she tried to... Continue Reading →

Living Their Fantasies

Part twelve of Misplaced Fire Nesrin’s lips were now twitching to the point of it being more accurate to say they were vibrating. She forced herself to speak to Isabelle and Jason. “Well, for now you’ve got powers I don’t even have. If you’ve ever wanted to shape shift, this is the time.” Aravis said,... Continue Reading →

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