Roadside Attraction

Part fifteen of Misplaced Fire It was still the early morning hours, the sun just starting to peak over the mountains. They had a long time until it was time for their dinner show. Ceylan and Aravis reasoned that the presence of a crowd meant something had to be open, leading them to walk off... Continue Reading →

Mountain Getaway

Part fourteen of Misplaced Fire Downtown Gatlinburg was lit up in its full glory, The smell of fudge, burgers, and tour trolleys permeated the air. There was a crowd, but they weren’t trampling each other. Nesrin and Aravis automatically compared the lights, crowds, and smells to the Mobile Mardi Gras festivities they’d been part of... Continue Reading →

(Trying to) Head for the Hills

Part thirteen of Misplaced Fire After Isabelle took the fifth picture of Jason dressed as her madre, Jason’s face brightened  as if a light bulb had turned on. He whispered something into Isabelle’s ear, then vanished. Nesrin stood up with such force that it knocked her chair down. “Where did he go?” Isabelle vanished too.... Continue Reading →

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