Part twenty-four of Misplaced Fire Patanī tested his arms and legs. He was able to move with all the control and fluidity he’d had before his supposed demise. The words he spoke in Jinni translated to, “I am indebted to you, my deer nieces, for taking such a long time over your task. Had you... Continue Reading →

The Flute

Part twenty-one of Misplaced Fire Dinah picked up the flute from the table. Originally plain wood, she had decorated it in different styles during different eras to reflect the changes in herself. The current iteration was characterized by feathers hanging on black string. She pointed the flute at Nesrin, Isabelle, and Jason. “Whoever moved it,... Continue Reading →

The Flicker Before the Flare

Part twenty of Misplaced Fire In the background, unnoticed by the diners, the water in Dinah’s pool drew itself into a pile and started to rise in a fountain that took the form of two dolphins revolving around each other. Aravis was the first to see it. “Is that Sapphire Water from the hurricane that’s... Continue Reading →

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