Drifting Blossoms

My idea of the ideal summer aesthetic. Nothing says "escape and relaxation" like flowers drifting sedately in a calm, clear pool. In a time when full-scale getaways may feel out of reach, at least we can still capture the atmosphere.

Thoughts of Ghosts

By now the ghostly voices echoed in choruses around her as she walked through the tunnels. Only periodically did she hear a phrase distinctly. “Galit told us water was the foundation of life. Why then do I feel as if I embraced the sea only so it could kill me?” Julrane ignored the question, but... Continue Reading →

Scenery Change

Part eighteen of Misplaced Fire It was five hours before Jason and Isabelle started to wake up. The first sight they saw was heavy black curtains draped around them on a frame like a tent. They were lying on a mattress covered in dark blue silk. Neither of their heads especially hurt, apart from the... Continue Reading →

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